Cats Shopping Quiz

Cats shopping – An English Quiz.

Have you ever seen cats shopping? Well if you haven’t, you should. Watch the video below and take the quiz to test your shopping vocabulary or just enjoy the video. Good luck.

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  1. Where are they shopping?
    1. in a shop
    2. in the supermarket
    3. in a hypermarket
    4. in a super
    5. in a store
  2. How many shoppers are shopping?
    1. twelve
    2. five
    3. ten
    4. seven
  3. How many pets are in the shop?
    1. one
    2. three
    3. five
    4. seven
  4. Where are do the shoppers pay for their things?
    1. the cash register
    2. the till
    3. the kase
    4. the box
  5. Why does the last customer smile at the end of the advert?

  7. What is the item that frightens (scares) the customers?

  9. At 0:45, why does the customer shout, “No, no, no, no…!”?

Bonus Question

  • Why are there seven questions in this quiz?

Check the answers

  1. Letters 2, 3, and 5 are correct.
  2. Ten.
  3. One, at 0:13 we see that one of the cats(at the back), has a "cat" as a pet.
  4. Letters A and B are correct. Americans say A, the Brits, B.
  5. Because the total bill is less than €20. It's a good price.
  6. A cucumber. For some strange reason, cats fear surprise cucumbers.
  7. Because the other shopper takes the last item.
    1. Bonus Question

      • Because cats have seven lives (although in English speaking countries have NINE lives, so it pays to be a cat in an English speaking country).

How did you do?

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