New Year’s Resolutions: 2017


I love New Year’s Day. There’s an auspicious feeling in the air and people are eager to talk about their future and plans. Websites and newspapers will write about their predictions for the year to come. I for one, am looking forward to listening, reading, writing, and speaking about it. I believe the conversations and debates will be good and I am excited to see whether this year will be more or less of a test than last year was. To prepare, I have a few resolutions.

Resolutions for 2017

This year, my New year’s resolutions are few. I want to:

  • Trust my gut a bit more.
  • Publish a bit more
  • Figure out my relationship with the cloud. At the moment, it’s complicated.

predictions for 2017

Some predictions for 2017

My gut tells me that the Internet of Things will take off. Why wouldn’t you want your refrigerator to shop online for whatever needs to be restocked? I predict that we will see more people talking to themselves as they walk up the street. Later, we will realize that they are speaking to Siri, Cortana, Jarvis or some other A.I. frenemy. The rise of the digital assistant is on its way. And, as it’s easier to talk (to a computer) than it is to type, the keyboard is about to be downsized.

Skype Lessons

What will happen in education this year?

Internet lessons, tutorials, classes and courses will become even more popular than they already are. Why go to class when you can just pull out your smart phone and start learning? Because you don’t have a smart phone. Oh. Yeah. Well, not him. I mean everyone else, more or less. OK, maybe only everyone on Facebook.

phone lessons

Ultimately, learning is about consuming, understanding and interacting with data & skills, and in some cases, producing something. When the commute is removed from this equation along with a few financial barriers, everyone with access to the internet will be able to learn more. I think that’s a good thing.


Let’s not have a word and also combine a few

English speakers enjoy making up new words. When we smash two words together like ‘phone’ and ‘snubbing’ to make “phubbing” people use it for as long as the term is fun or useful. Although English speaking members of the old fart crowd tend to oppose this, some of new terms catch on, like “seafood” and others go away, like “netiquette”. I think “phubbing” will stick around for about as long as people are doing it. What better way to ward off an unwanted conversation than by becoming absolutely consumed with whatever is on your mobile screen?


In addition to phubbing there will be more portmanteaus. While feeling “hangry” is not the best of feelings, there’s no better way to say it. To express other feelings and things that happen, other expressions will come to the fore before year’s end.


What will happen in the world TV & film in 2017?

I think TV (more like Netflix shows) will continue to make films look as bad as the (risk averse) bean counters insist they be.

Tech, logistics and transportation predictions

The self-driving car will take off. No, not literally, but more people will begin to trust them more. While many dream of enjoying their car in the way that car commercials promise (without traffic jams, bad weather or stress), the reality is that a lot of time in the car is spent in traffic jams or in search of parking. Wouldn’t you prefer that your car just drive you home, drop you off and go park itself? Once statistics convince us that it’s safe, we’ll sign up. But what about insurance? Well that’s complicated, but someone else’ll figure that out.


dronedeliveryThere will be more drones. As pizza delivery by drone is the dream of many, it’s a thing that could happen pretty soon. To sum up – Some people like drones. Some people dislike drones. Business likes drones. Two is greater than one, so there will be more drones.

Hot topics

This will be a very interesting year for political and social matters. In addition to the usual suspects, subjects connected to all the gritty, messy political issues will be debated all year long. These subjects include:

  • Wealth distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Guns
  • Drug/Pharaceutical policy
  • US military involvement
  • China, Russia, the Middle East
  • LGBTQ community issues
  • The legal and penal systems
  • International Trade
  • Race
  • Brexit
  • Banking-another crisis of some kind
  • Privacy issues
  • Immigration
  • Security



    If you’ve never watched the Jerry Springer show, I think you should take a look in order to get an idea of what to expect for this year.


    This will be a very interesting year and I look forward to it along with the debates it will bring. So do you agree/disagree. Let us know in the comments.


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